White Nitrile Gloves (100 pcs)

A pair of nitrile gloves UK is the perfect alternative for the ones made of latex. They provide high-quality resistance to chemicals and have a form-fitting design that prevents the gloves from slipping off while using. These products are available in multiple colours to avoid confusion in the workplace. Our products are specifically for medical purposes. Everyone can use them. These gloves will prevent you from contracting COVID-19 if you touch contaminated surfaces.

About the product

Our gloves may not be thick, but they are proficient enough to provide you high levels of protection. These powder-free, durable, and elasticized gloves will fit your hand perfectly and won’t inhibit the sense of touch. The blue nitrile disposable gloves that we sell are incredibly useful in healthcare. They are latex-free, can protect you from SARS-CoV-2, and dexterous too. You should use them if you work for the healthcare or food industry.

Material: Nitrile

Colour: White

Size: Medium

Amount: One box contains 100 pairs of gloves

Purposes served

As already mentioned earlier, blue disposable gloves are suitable for people who work in the healthcare or food industry. However, they are perfect for the common folk too. If you wear them, then you’ll be able to protect yourself from contaminated surfaces inside public transport vehicles, local stores, shopping malls, etc. Here are a few other purposes served by these gloves.

  1. All stages of preparing meats and fishes
  2. Dairy processing
  3. Meal preparation
  4. Controlled-environment rooms
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