Surgical masks serve as protection from possible infection transmissions through the air during medical treatments or examinations. These masks filter the exhaled air holding back secretion particles and pathogens. Furthermore, they provide an effective reduction of the germ count and protect the health of both, the patient and the examiner. Considered a necessary hygiene measure and reduce the transmission of coronavirus, medical masks are a consistent element in a healthcare professional's medical protective wear. They are used for taking samples, operations, for work in the laboratory, for certain treatments and clinical quarantine areas. 

The medical mask covers the entire mouth and nose region of the face so that all exhaled air can be filtered. These masks are made of one or more layers of fleece that are folded in a horizontal direction and can adapt to all face sizes. It is then either tied with fabric bands in the back of the head or is fastened with special ear loops. 

If you are looking to buy surgical mask UK, then you are in the right place. Leading European Clinics provides premium grade, fluid-resistant (Type IIR) certified surgical mask for primary, outpatient, community and social care settings as well as NHS and independent sector. We offer our masks at an affordable price range and delivered to all London boroughs. 

The medical mask UK we sell is a 3 ply face mask with an integrated nose clip. It has high filtration efficacy as per EN 14683:2019, Type II R Fluid resistant. The outer layer is water-repellent effect layer and made of polypropylene non-woven fabric. The middle layer is the ultimate layer of defence as made of melt-blown fabric that minimizes particle dispersal, while the inner layer is made of polyester soft skin-friendly non-woven fabric offering ultimate comfort to the wearer.

The ear loops are made of urethane elastic fibre while the nose clamp is made of flexible metal to individually adapt to the bridge of the user's nose.

The surgical mask UK we supply features:

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