Latex Gloves (100 pcs)


Found mainly in the food service and healthcare facilities, the demand for disposable latex gloves continues to heavily increase as more people pay closer attention to cleanliness and sanitation now. Not only do disposable gloves protect your employees' hands from contaminants and potentially harmful chemicals, but they prevent cross-contamination and help you practice proper food safety as well. 

If you are looking for high-quality latex gloves UK, you’ve come to the right page. Leading European Clinics has your hands covered. Our medical-grade latex gloves prevent cross-contamination of germs and chemicals, making them ideal for personal protection in public transport, shopping centres or malls, hospital, dental or veterinary workers looking to stock up on medical supplies, all final stages of meat and fish preparation, dairy processing, catering, preparing meals, handling food and controlled environment rooms. 

Our disposable gloves are made of high-quality latex, powder-free and for single use only. These latex gloves are manufactured to stringent quality levels in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that employs regular production quality checks, ensuring the glove performs as it promises. 

Manufactured from slightly less thick premium material, these latest gloves deliver optimal biological barrier protection preventing viral penetration. Despite its lower thickness, these strong and elastic disposable latex gloves still conform beautifully to the hand and stretch to provide an exceptionally close fit. These latex gloves offer superior sensitivity and even small and delicate objects can be easily felt and distinguished. 

The latex gloves UK we offer are:

  • Safe
  • For Single-Use 
  • Offer High Comfort
  • High Sensitivity
  • High Tactility
  • Close Fit and Conformability

These latex gloves are available in all sizes, small, medium and large so that you can find your perfect fit easily. Furthermore, we offer them in boxes of 100 at an affordable price to fully cover your needs. Also, we offer delivery to private or commercial addresses for London boroughs at reasonably cheapest rates. 

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