Big Biz Solutions Ltd

Big Biz Solutions LTD is our real name, and we trade under the pseudonym Leading European Clinics. Then again, as the most famous writer in the world William Shakespeare once said, “What’s in a name?” Our deeds describe who we are. We cater to medical facilities with high-quality latex gloves, blue disposable gloves, thermometers, ppe uk, and kn95 mask uk.

Through our hard work and the immaculate quality of the products that we sell, we managed to gain international recognition for setting the standards of excellence. As suppliers of medical equipment, we are well-aware of the fact that the environment of healthcare will keep changing with every passing moment. However, it won’t prevent us from keeping our best foot forward.

We adapt to accommodate everything that arrives and improves the sphere of healthcare, and so we always keep one eye open to identify and explore opportunities as soon as they emerge. With the best patient care in mind, our company insists its manufacturers to create high-quality products. We even scrutinize the character of the people who choose to work with us and develop long-lasting relationships with our customers and colleagues.


Incorporation date: 11/02/2011

Company registration number: 07526059

Registered address: 6 Cupar Road, London SW11 4JW

VAT registration date: 11/02/2011 and number: 111 6589 26

Corporation tax (unique tax reference): 90841 16262